Social Media Development & Management

Our Social Media Development and Management services meet the expectations of all our clients as we provide creation of the social media platforms of your choice with interesting, high performance, multi-media postings weekly with creative ads, links, and videos that drive home the focus of social media campaigns to thousands of users each week.  We also share other member’s posts/links/videos within your social media that we find interesting and relate to your industry focus.  Implementing social media is a key component of a viable online presence.

We consistently work to build your presence and connect you to new individual social members on various social networks including online communities, groups, and forums where people that are interested in your products or services congregate.  The more people that know about your business within social media the more chances you have of those people finding interest in your products or services and sharing the information.

We utilize many different popular social media venues consistently making new connections including:

Social Media Icons

To learn more about popular social media platforms for business and the benefits in 2019, visit Small Biz Trends.  After a consultation, we can create as many social media venues of your choice that we find that would be viable and helpful to your organization.

Another important aspect to Social Media Management is giving adequate and timely responses to inquiries and thoughtful replies to comments from social media participants.  We believe that part of successful connecting is being responsive and accommodating when people post questions, comments, and reviews.  Following the rules regarding social media, etiquette is our top priority.  The true power of social media is our power to be connected and to communicate effectively, intelligently, and respectfully.

Social media attached to your website allow the search engines to identify your online presence and add another stamp of credibility to you as a viable organization. We can boost your presence through paid creative advertising promotions on various platforms.  Our personal favorite ad promotions consist of Facebook/Instagram and create some of the best results that we’ve seen to date outside of Google Ads results.

Social Media connections also give you another opportunity to rank higher in search engines as your social media links will also appear in search engines specifically if the media is properly utilized (regular postings/responses being made weekly and others sharing your information with comments/replies, etc.)  Activity is the main component of social media success in creating aggressive optimization of your online presence in search engine results.  The more buzz you create the more new business you will generate.